This Year's BIGMonitor Issues:


If you wish to ask questions or receive further information about the press for BIGMUN 2020, or previous BIGMUN confer-ences, please contact them at

Heads of Press BIGMUN 2020: Melike Esra Yarar & Pernille Lundborg Olsen


For BIGMUN 2020, all of BIGMONITOR proceeds go to CARE!


The BIGMONITOR Press Team is BIGMUN’s very own news outlet consisting of talented writers, photographers and graphical layout technicians. The Press team is committed to enhancing the overall BIGMUN experience through collective efforts towards providing all conference participants with daily content that is informative, com-pelling and entertaining.


BIGMUN 2020 features the possibility of paying the BIGMONITOR Pre-Order Fee of €6 per participant, saving the inconvenience of needing to bring coins along to the conference.


As BIGMUN is becoming a more experienced conference of increas-ing size and overall quality, the Press team aims to publish high quali-ty content on a daily basis to complement the continued development of the BIGMUN conference.



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