Changes Due To COVID-19


We are more than happy to announce that BIGMUN 2022 is in the works and until further notice, will be happening next year. 


BIGMUN 2021 has been cancelled.


It is with great regret, that we have to inform you that BIGMUN 2021 has been cancelled. 

This decision was extremely difficult to make, but in light of the current developments with the COVID-19 situation in Denmark, it was the only responsible one. BIGMUN is a forum for young people to come together to think innovatively about the future of our world. But most importantly, it is a place where we value the safety and wellbeing of all our participants above all else. Regrettably, circumstances made it impossible to uphold these standards this year.


It is a shame that we cannot be together in February at Birkerød Gymnasium, however the 11th anniversary of BIGMUN will still be celebrated. You can follow us on our social media, to experience the virtual content which we will create in the coming month.



Or find us on Instagram and Snapchat as @bigmun.2021


We sincerely thank everybody who hoped to be and has been a part of BIGMUN 2021, and we look forward to coming together next year for BIGMUN 2022! 



Due to the uncertain situation regarding the implications COVID19 will have during the winter, the BIGMUN team has had to make some changes to how we normally organise the conference, if we are able to hold the conference in February.


Firstly, the maximum size of the delegation a school can bring has been reduced from 20 delegates to 15. Thus, we can ensure that committees remain smaller, with a maximum of 21 delegates in each.


Secondly, in order to have a better picture of the situation with COVID19. We have decided to extend the deadline for the final payment has been postponed to the 22nd of January 2021. Please note that the deadline for the final registration form remains the 18th of December 2020. For further information on this process, please refer to the Registration Handbook, which can be found on our website (


Regretfully, due to the changing and uncertain situation with Corona over the winter, BIGMUN will only be open to participants from schools in Denmark.

The safety and health of all participants and their families are of the highest priority to the BIGMUN organising committee. Therefore, following advice from the Danish authorities and the management of Birkerød Gymnasium, we have had to come to the difficult decision of cancelling BIGMUN for our international participants.

BIGMUN 2021 will not be the same without our international participants. We expect to come back with BIGMUN 2022 when a vaccine is widely available and look forward to seeing all our international participants then.

To our Danish participants, we are excited to create a great conference with you in these trying times.



Due to the situation with COVID- 19, the BIGMUN Board of Directors, the management of Birkerød Gymnasium and the student organising team behind BIGMUN have been forced to rethink the whole set up for BIGMUN 2021 to make sure that the conference is being held in a safe environment and that Birkerød Gymnasium is taking all the necessary precautions to avoid the possible spread of COVID- 19.


After long consideration we have decided not to offer any host accommodation to our visiting schools for the BIGMUN 2021 conference.


This is a very difficult decision, and one we share with you with much regret. This drastic step has been taken in order to reduce the health risks for the participants of BIGMUN 2021.


There are many hostels/hotels available in Copenhagen (please see our list under Accommodation) and we recommend that you book without a cancellation fee, should circumstances change.