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BIGMUN 2019 featured 15 different committees and councils, each containing around 27 delegates. We pride ourselves on offering interesting and complex topics every year, giving participants the opportunity to learn about the world they live in and to understand the complexities of international politics.

General Assembly

Disarmament and International Security Council (GA 1 DISEC)


  • The question of the militarization of the Arctic

  • Restoring peace and security in the Venezuelan-Guyanian border dispute

  • Addressing the need for a new international nuclear weapons treaty

Chair: Vishal Urs

Co-chair: Ellen Bang

Committee email:

Social, Cultural and Humanitarian (GA3  SOCHUM)



  • The question of establishing universal basic income

  • Evaluating the need to reform the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Protecting the rights of indigenous populations



Chair: Shruti Anand

Co-chair: Sebastian Erhardt


Committee email:


Special Political and Decolonisation (GA4 SPECPOL)


  • The question of Israeli settlements and claims in the occupied territories

  • Addressing and preventing mass displacement due to climate change

  • Establishing safe usage of outer space

Chair: Ameerah Amaani Chaudhry

Co-chair: Rainen Sekha

Committee email:

Legal (GA6)


  • The question of the legalization of sex work 

  • Establishing legal frameworks for the regulation of aviation emissions

  • Instating guidelines for the use of and right to transboundary rivers

Chair: Braden Bitner

Co-chair: Filippa Mansson

Committee email:

Commissions of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

ECOSOC 1 - Commission on Sustainable Development





  • Measures to abolish single-use plastics from the market.

  • Addressing the sustainability of lithium powered devices.

  • The question of sustainable tourism




Chair: Astrid Stagsted Jakobsen

Co-chair: Caius Kauppi


Committee email:


ECOSOC 2 - Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice


  • The question of combating, preventing and regulating illicit trafficking of wildlife, forests and protected flora.

  • Strengthening the regulations against international tax evasion

  • Reforming policies on personal digital security and data infringement.



Chair: Gustav Enke

Co-chair: Anders Lorenzen

Committee email:

ECOSOC 3 - Commission on the Status of Women



  • The question of delaying the age of first pregnancy as a means of improving maternal health

  • Implementing measures against gender related crimes targeting women and girls.

  • Measures of protecting and minimizing women’s vulnerability to natural hazards.



Chair: Selma Nicoline Schmidt

Co-chair: Silas Værnskjold Petersen


Committee email:


ECOSOC 4 - Commission on Narcotic Drugs


  • The question of banning e-cigarettes in public spaces and advertisement.

  • Addressing the effects of the drug industry on rainforest destruction.

  • Establishing universal acceptance of medicinal marijuana (CBD) use.

Chair: Roya-Isabelle Andersen

Co-chair: Anna Hudtloff

Committee email:

Special Councils and Committees

Security Council (SC)


  • Combatting the tensions and establishing security in the Persian Gulf

  • Addressing territorial, military and commercial claims in the Arctic

  • (another will be announced closer to the conference)

Special procedure guide

Chair: Daniel Henke

Co-chair: Kimia Johansson

Committee email:

Crisis Committee (CC)


Announced at conference


Special procedure guide

Chair: Eva Fernandez Østerlund

Co-chair: Vanessa Ahmad 

Committee email:

World Health Organisation (WHO)


  • The question of reducing meat consumption

  • Addressing the need for compulsory vaccinations as a means to contain the spread of diseases.

  • Measures to protect the viability of groundwater

Ad hoc procedure.

Chair: Magnolia Rygaard-Hjalsted

Co-chair: Frida Demant Kristiansen

Committee email:

United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR)


  • Measures to protect the security of nomadic people from the effects of climate change

  • Protecting the rights and welfare of people displaced by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

  • Creating economic inclusion and financial opportunity for refugees

Ad hoc procedure

Chair: Eva Cecilie Klitgaard Weirsøe

Co-chair: Roque Gil Sato

Committee email:

Historical Security Council



  •  The conflict in Kashmir (1948-1990)

Special procedure guide

Chair: Amalie Devantier

Co-chair: Bernard Kotelko

Committee email:

United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF)


  •  Measures of ensuring safety in educational facilities for children worldwide.

  • The question of protecting youth from economic exploitation.

  • Reinstating stability for children affected by floods prompted by climate change

Ad hoc procedure.

Chair: Megan A. Widjaja

Co-chair: Viktor Frantzen

Committee email:

United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)


  • Measures to enforce all economic sectors to follow Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction targets.

  • The question of decreasing the “knowledge-action gap”

  • Encouraging and helping developing nations grow economically in a sustainable manner.

Chair: Faisal Fayaz Ahmed

Co-chair: Carli Jacobsen

Committee email: