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As Secretary General, it is my honour to welcome you to BIGMUN’s tenth annual session. BIGMUN is a place for students from all over the world to come together and debate in a safe and constructive environment. This year’s BIGMUN theme is climate and collaboration, of which we believe will especially encourage delegates to work together in solving issues that are relevant to the world today.


The goal of the Model United Nations is to push delegates to look beyond their personal opinions, and adopt those of another country, thus gaining a global perspective. To create an efficient conference, filled with fruitful debate, we encourage delegates to come prepared. Bring an enthusiastic attitude, research your country’s policies, and be open-minded to what other delegates have to say.


Collaboration between delegations in the committee is something that we, at BIGMUN, find of great importance. The opportunity to investigate a myriad of topics in committees is something that will result in enhanced public speaking confidence, rhetoric capabilities and research skills. All of these abilities are vital to your future, and once learned, will help you the rest of your life. We encourage that you push yourself during our conference, and leave as a keener, stronger, and more well-rounded student.


Our skilful chairs, hardworking staff, and enthused organizing team are exuberant for BIGMUN’s tenth annual session. I hope that your participation in our conference will result in both a personal and academic growth, as well as expanding your worldview.


    - Danya Andrea Novak, Secretary General