Regarding COVID-19

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the BIGMUN team is closely monitoring the development of the global situation. The well-being and enjoyment of all our participants is of the highest priority to us, and we will therefore be taking any measures recommended by the Danish Health Authority and the World Health Organisation (WHO), if still relevant by the time of the conference in February 2021.


We reserve the right to restrict the amount attending the conference and unfortunately turning some schools away. Due to the uncertain times, we cannot of course guarantee that BIGMUN 2021 will go ahead as usual and we reserve the right to cancel the conference if necessary. We will therefore waive our BIGMUN Pre-Payment this year.


This year we have decided, that there will be no host accommodation, please read "Regarding Host Accommodation" for more information.

Schools that pay the Final Payment and end up not being able to attend due to travel restrictions, health authority restrictions or similar will be paid a refund. We do plan to go ahead with BIGMUN 2021 as normal hoping that we find ourselves in a better situation by February 2021. Please refer to the Registration Handbook for any further details.

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