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BIGMUN updates

September 24, 2019

Topics complete, SOs on their way...

​The Secretary General and the Deputies have finalized the topics for the conference in February. We've also received all of your SO applications and are processing them. Responses will be sent out soon.

May 07, 2019

BIGMUN 2020 on its way!

The new BIGMUN 2020 team is assembled and we have had our first meeting. We are working hard to get registration ready and prepare the tenth BIGMUN conference the best we can. 

February 24, 2019

BIGMUN 2019 Complete

BIGMUN 2019 has finished and was a great success, with over 33 schools and over 370 delegates in 15 committees. It was a wonderful time filled with interesting discussion. We hope that you enjoyed it with us and join us for BIGMUN 2020. 

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