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During the conference delegates and attendees will have exclusive  access to BIGMUN’s very own publication, BIGMONITOR. The team behind BIGMONITOR consists of talented journalists, photographers, editors, graphical layout designers, as well as a social media division. Together we create BIGMONITOR, your source for news, information, and creative takes on the conference.

The Press Team is committed to enhancing the overall BIGMUN experience with thorough coverage focused on a diverse array of conference topics, participants, and committees. Our goal is to provide you with daily content that is informative, compelling, and entertaining. 

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At BIGMONITOR we dedicate countless hours and days to publish high-quality content for all six planned issues. We believe that BIGMUN is an important and meaningful conference and likewise that BIGMONITOR is a vital and influential part. Here at BIGMONITOR we know the worth of good work and dedication, and that is what you, our readers, should expect when you visit our website or pick up our publication. 

If you wish to ask questions or receive further information about The Press for BIGMUN 2024, or previous BIGMUN conferences, please contact them at




Heads of Press, BIGMUN 2024

Rebecca Scheibel and Kamma-Kristine von Lillienskjold



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