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BIGMUN offers many roles that Birkerød Gymansium's students can partake in. Below you can find all the roles at BIGMUN and what their tasks are. If you are interested, sign up using a form on the school's platform, Lectio.

Student Officer

Student Officers (SOs), also called chairs and co-chairs, are the pillars of BIGMUN. These students will be in charge of the individual committees and moderate the debates within them. The position as Student Officer is given based on the candidate's previous experience, qualifications, and motivational letter. With this position follows a lot of trust, responsibility, and the chance to grow as a leader and person. Your delegates will look to you for guidance and for some, you will serve as a role model.

 For more information regarding Student Officers read 'For SOs'


Delegates are the heart of any MUN conference. They are the students who represent the different countries in committees, taking upon their respective views when debating to reach solutions to some of the biggest issues threatening the international community.

The ideal delegate does not necessarily have to be good at debating, but rather be willing to challenge their skills and work collaboratively to reach meaningful solutions.

Being a delegate at BIGMUN is an incredibly valuable experience that will overall make you more confident as a public speaker, strengthen your creative thinking and enhance your compromising abilities. 

For more information regarding Delegates read 'For Delegates'



Staff is what binds the whole conference together. Without them, there is no place for the delegates to sit, no placards to raise, and no swiftly moving BIGMUN. Staff is the individuals behind the scenes who turn up the spotlight and shine it on the delegates. They handle every practical aspect of the conference from handing out lunches, to counting votes in committees. It requires collaborative skills and teamwork to make the entire conference work out to the best of its ability.


Being a part of the staff gives you the opportunity to learn about what goes into preparing and organizing large events; great practice for future jobs (e.g. serving food and drinks, selling merch, etc); an opportunity to feel responsible for something. And at last, it is a chance to be a part of BIGMUN without having to debate and twist your mind in finding solutions to our world's largest problems.

Press - Journalism

Write excellent, scintillating and informative articles for every participant in BIGMUN to read! Articles may range from interviews, opinions, informative or historical pieces. With the help of your Head of Journalism, you will receive feedback on drafts and gain skills to formulate information in new and innovative ways. 


Recommended skills:

  • Skills within different genres of writing 

  • Communication and collaboration abilities

  • Efficient research skills

Press - Layout

Familiar with fonts, colors, and layouts? Become a graphic layout technician! You will be working in a small team to stitch together articles and photos into beautiful pages for our BIGMONITOR which is published daily. The role gives you a lot of creative freedom but if you need it, your Head of Layout can give you direction and feedback if you’re ever in doubt. 


Recommended skills:

  • Great creative instinct and innovative idea-development skills

  • Communication and collaborative skills 

  • Possibly knowledge within graphic design, illustration, etc.

Press - Photography


Capture BIGMUN through a lens! As a photographer, you will have the wonderful opportunity to work with our graphic layout technicians, journalists, and social media team to show off BIGMUN in our BIGMONITOR, our social media, and website. You can photograph specially for articles or portray the fun of the conference. 


Recommended skills:

  • Experience with a camera of your own

  • Communication and a creative instinct

  • Knowledge within photo-editing

Press - Social Media

Capture all the happenings of BIGMUN via social media! Make fun or informative videos, announce events, and make advertisements on BIGMUN’s social platforms. You will be working in collaboration with many different people and work on a variety of projects. 


Recommended skills:

  • Knowledge within video-editing and/or social platforms

  • Great communication, collaboration, and innovation skills

  • Open-mindedness and creativity


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