Birkerød MUN society is a student run group that meets every one to two weeks. MUN stands for Model United Nations and it is an opportunity for students to im-merse themselves and participate in simulated debate sessions of the real UN. MUN interests a great variety of people. Some join because they want to study po-litics as a career, some because it sounds fun, and others to practice vital skills such as public speaking, planning, collaboration, on the spot thinking, and more. The immediate goal for MUN is to ready students for the school’s conference, BIG-MUN, and hopefully in the process help build up some students into becoming the real world problem solvers that the world needs.

MUN society is in 2020-2021 run by two students, who organise everything from the debated resolutions, advertising the group, and more. A MUN society session usually lasts an hour and a half. One resolution is debated per session, which can be about anything. There have been everything from mandatory school uniforms to the problems with overpopulated prisons. Students are either assigned a country to represent in the debate or they get to choose a country themselves. Just as with BIGMUN, the debate starts with the main submitter of the resolution, usually a random volunteer, and then moves into times in favour of the resolution and time against.


There is never a dull moment in MUN society. MUN is training the next generation of world leaders, by creating an interest in current real world events and problems, to then ask them:

“How would you fix this?”

MUN Society

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Birkerød Gymnasium, HF, IB og Kostskole. Søndervangen 56, 3460 Birkerød, Denmark 

Tel. +45 45 16 82 20