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BIGMUN Charity

Birkerød Gymnasium as a Red Cross

Birkerød Gymnasium is a proud Red Cross school and has been for several years now. We have collaborated with the Red Cross on several occasions. Always trying to lead by example by trying to solve problems on the local and global level, as well as trying to educate our students about the amazing work the Red Cross does around the world.


Every year, BG participates in the Danish Red Cross high school fundraiser, where we are proud to always come with several volunteers, made up of the student body as well as locals. The students are led and instructed by our school's Red Cross ambassadors, instructing our volunteers on the causes they are helping with.


BG also works with the Red Cross on a local level, by helping the local Red Cross shop. By collaborating with them, in an attempt to spread awareness on how we can do small things to help us reach the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and recycling. One of our most successful efforts is the BG sustainable fashion show.

BIGMUN is proud to say that we plan to donate €3 per delegate, and in past conferences we have donated around €800.

Learn more about BG as a Red Cross School

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