Dress Code and Procedure

Dress Code


During the conference, participants are expected to dress formally. Gentlemen are required to wear formal suits with ties. Ladies may wear formal suits or dresses/skirts of appropriate length, no shorter than one palm width above the knee, and worn with a blazer. All shirts must have appropriate necklines and prints. 

The staff reserves the right to deny any participant access if dressed inappropriately. Expect daily dress code checks by the BIG8.

Inappropriate attire includes:

  • Sneakers, sports shoes

  • Open toed shoes

  • Team accessories

  • Denim clothes

  • National costume or military attire

  • Bowties

See the photos for examples of adequate dress.

Please note that during the BIGMUN party and the canal tour casual attire is accepted.

All standard committee procedures for BIGMUN 2021 can be found in the Delegate Handbook. The Delegate Handbooks is available here.

We also recommend all participants watching the video on procedure followed at BIGMUN.


Procedural guides for the special committees and councils can be found in the listing of committees and topics. 


Please note that there will be no ambassador's spee-ches at any point during the conference.

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