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Over the years, as technology has been developing and its usage has increased, BIGMUN has adapted to fit the needs of its participants and make conference processes more practical, efficient, and up to date. To this extent, we rely extensively on technology, and as such expect that delegates bring a laptop or tablet that they can use during the conference.


During the debate, note-passing and amendments have been largely replaced by electronic methods. This year, the conference will be using the software Discord. We require that all delegates and Student Officers make their accounts prior to the conference. 


BIGMUN also uses technology for resolutions. They will be shared within committees using Google Docs, where the chairs will edit them. They will also be projected onto a screen so that delegates can view them collectively and in real time. The resolution Approval Panel will also use Google Docs. Information about this can be found in the Delegate Handbook.

BIGMUN's Discord Server is currently being updated
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