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Every year, the Board of Directors (BOD) opens applications to Birkerød Gymnasium students so that they may apply to be part of the BIGMUN team. Below, you can see the students that have been picked for this year, plus the BOD themselves. Although BIGMUN is overseen by the BOD, a lot of weight is put on the fact that it is a student-run conference. The following student organizers work hard all year to provide you with the best possible conference.

The BIG 8

The Team

Secretary General

Anna Olivia Vest Nielsen

Deputy Secretary General

Emma Ada Ozmen

Deputy Secretary General

Frederik Himmer

 Head of Finance & Co-head of registration

Javier Suarez Grandal

 Head of Registration & Accommedation

Zoe Marie Kaefer

Head of Registration & Accommedation

Frederik Duedal la Cour

Head of Staff

Hanna Ørum Lauridsen


Head of Staff

Henry Augustin Teahan

Heads of Press

Elke Charlotte Vidler Stirling

Karoline Brandt Martinussen

Board of Directors

Conference Coordinator

Andrew Archer

Lotte Balslev Vest

Anna Bækgaard Overballe

Christian Stenmann Kiirdal

Micheal Kirkeby Salbo

Email: msa@birke-gym.dk

Aske Hviid Sparsø