Every year, the Board of Directors opens applications to Birkerød Gymnasium students so that they may apply to be part of the BIGMUN team. Below, you can see the students that have been picked for this year, plus the B.O.D themselves. Although BIGMUN is overseen by the B.O.D, a lot of weight is put on the fact that it is a student-run conference. The student organizers therefore work hard all year to provide you with the best possible conference.

The BIG 8

The Team

Secretary General

Ameerah Amaani Chaudhry

Deputy Secretary General

Selma Nicoline Shaheen Schmidt

Deputy Secretary General and Co-Head of Finance

Bernard Dominik Kotelko

Head of Registration and Accommodation

Lucia de Rosa-Hansen


Head of Registration, Accommodation and Finance

Zander Viggo James Wildgaard

Head of Staff

Alice Katharina MacCormac

Head of Staff

Emilie Stensgaard Moldow

Board of Directors (BoD)

Christian Stenmann Kiirdal

Stine Helth

Aske Hviid Sparsø

Conference Coordinator

Andrew Archer

Lotte Balslev Vest

Jacob Rigtrup Holmsgaard

Head of Press

Margrethe Nicoline Sørensen

Jonas Sønderberg

Heads of MUN Team at BG

Ludovico Lumicisi

Sebastian Kabir Ehrhardt

Contact Us

Birkerød Gymnasium, HF, IB og Kostskole. Søndervangen 56, 3460 Birkerød, Denmark 

Tel. +45 45 16 82 20