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Welcome to BIGMUN 2022!
February 23rd - 27th

BIGMUN is an international conference hosted annually by Birkerød Gymnasium and has remained one of the largest and most prestigious in all of Scandinavia. Situated in the beautiful Danish countryside just 25 minutes from the centre of Copenhagen, our school is delighted to welcome a diverse community of delegates and teachers from all over the world to our conference each year.


In 2020, we opened our doors to over 450 participants, where the conference became a meeting point for reflective and engaged individuals. In 2021 BIGMUN was sadly cancelled. However, we are more than proud to announce that BIGMUN will finally return in 2022.

The theme of BIGMUN 2022 is "Learners of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow" focusing on the aptitude of youth in taking on challenges and creating solutions comparable to those passed by actual world leaders. Having observed the genuine commitment and intellect of our participants, we are confident in stating that this generation is the future of global politics. After all, the framework for a brighter future always begins in the classroom, and along with the burning desire to learn, comes the remarkable passion for helping others. In keeping with this theme, this year's chosen charity is "GAME", an NGO founded in Copenhagen with a mission of creating lasting social change through youth-led street sports and culture, which proceeds from our magazine BIGMONITOR will be donated to. 

BIGMUN does not believe in notions of winning and losing, being the best competitor, or passing the most amendments. Alternatively, we are keen on building an environment that encourages joint efforts in pursuit of solutions to global issues, and strive to mould our participants into open-minded, collaborative and resolute world citizens.

Birkerød Gymnasium's MUN society is looking forward to once again host an event that fosters lasting friendships, international awareness, and most importantly, the chance to tackle some of the largest problems faced by our generation.


Ultimately, we hereby welcome you to the 11th annual session of BIGMUN 2022!

Regarding BIGMUN

MUN society

Throughout the school year—when the conference is still being planned—MUN society provides BG students the chance to try their hand at MUN in a more casual setting.


We are excited to announce that registration for BIGMUN 2022 is open now.

Ready to find out more?

Conferences aren't all fun and debates - the BIG8 and Board of Directors get that, and try to make navigating BIGMUN as easy as possible. Information regarding accommodation, the BIGMUN bus service, and directions to BG can be found under practical information.  


The health and safety of BIGMUN participants are our top priority. As the uncertainty persists, we are nonetheless hopeful of a smooth and successful upcoming conference.