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Letter from our Secretary General

Honourable Chairs, Distinguished Delegates and Esteemed Guests.


It is our pleasure to invite you to Birkerød Gymnasium's 12th annual Model United Nations Conference - BIGMUN 2024! We are delighted to hold this conference once again to uphold this long-standing tradition here at our school. Our team is working tirelessly to assure that this conference meets the standard as it has in the past and provide an appropriate environment for an enriching political discussion.


As our nations and communities participate in the global movement to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda, it is important to remember the universal values that build the agenda. These universal values that establish the 2030 SDG agenda are human rights based approaches, the slogan “Leave No One Behind”, and gender equality and women’s empowerment.


For BIGMUN 2024, we have adopted the slogan “Leave No One Behind” for the theme of our conference. “Leave No One Behind” illustrates a promise from each United Nations Member State to eliminate poverty in all of its manifestations, put an end to discrimination, and lessen inequalities on a global scale.


Our mission, for BIGMUN 2024, is to lay the groundwork for responsible, dedicated and bold delegates to maintain our theme within the conference and outside of it. I call upon each and every one of you to ensure that “Leave No One Behind” becomes more than just a slogan, instead enacting action and allowing it to be a universally valued reality for everyone.


At BIGMUN, we want our delegates to engage in constructive dialogue with other delegates to resolve crises that continue to endanger the Sustainable Development Goals and humanity as a whole. Let us seize this opportunity to learn, collaborate, and make long-lasting impacts around the world. At BIGMUN, students are not just absorbed in intense debate, but much more than that. It is a platform to create lasting friendships, and build an international community. It embodies a mix of democracy,  perspective, and companionship.


Once again, it is my honor to extend a heart-filled welcome to each and everyone of you. We hope to see you in Birkerød Gymnasium for BIGMUN 2024.


Katherine Cavestany Noriega

Secretary General

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