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Being a delegate at BIGMUN

Representing a country, debating in front of 25 people, constructing well-written amendments... For those who are new to the game, or not yet completely comfortable with it, attending a conference can seem a bit daunting.


As a more experienced delegate, a slow pace, constant breach of procedure, and frustratingly shallow debates can be the bane of a good conference. 

We know this, and BIGMUN tries its best to cater to many different levels of experience. Prioritising delegate experience helps us to attract new schools and to make a conference that keeps delegations returning year after year. 

We recommend that delegates with questions about procedure study the delegate handbook and procedure guides. If still left uncertain, the committee chairs are always open for questions - and are perhaps willing to give some advice and encouraging words.

As a delegate at BIGMUN, you are expected to bring a laptop or tablet.

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