This year's conference will feature a panel session with spokespeople from four different specializations, who will give participants an insight into their views and work within climate change. On Thursday the 20th from 9:15 to 10:30, BIGMUN participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the issue from these different perspectives, enriching their understanding of the crisis through an interdisciplinary approach

Tomas Snog

Kreativ Direktør, Partner in AI, Arkitekt MAA 

Tomas Snog is Creative Director and partner in AI Architects and Engineers. He is also the CEO and founder of AI's development company AID.

AI is known for their multidisciplinary design process where architects and engineers work closely together from the very beginning of the projects. This is what ensures the sustainable solutions.

AID is known for developing sustainable urban housing projects.

As an architect, Tomas has been behind award-winning buildings where architecture and sustainability are united. Both in affordable housing projects and in cultural and commercial buildings.

He will be focusing on how the green transformation of cities and buildings can be driven by good investments.

Claus Klint

Director for Internet of Things, IBM 

Claus Klint has held a number of Danish, Nordic and European leadership roles in his 31 years in IBM, including COO IBM Denmark, Business Unit Executive Software Business Partners and Director of Public Sector, and is now Danish Director of Internet of Things. Globally IBM had laid the foundation for smarter cities and transportation management networks. IBM works to produce intelligent solutions that help make governments, organisations and industries more efficient, intelligent and sustainable.

Katja Rosenbohm

Head of Communications, European Environmental Agency

Katja Rosenbohm is Head of Communications (COM) at the European Environment Agency (EEA) and is responsible for the EEA communication strategy and its implementation. Katja holds a university degree in geophysics and has worked for 25 years within the Environment and Energy sectors. Climate and environment action is a top priority for Europe in 2020, as a European Green Deal will start to roll out. To achieve carbon neutrality, a circular economy, a zero pollution ambition and a fair society, we need to rethink, redesign and rebuild the key systems that underpin our economies and everyday lives, starting with the energy, food and mobility systems. These transformative changes require making the right investments to scale up and speed up truly sustainable solutions, while phasing out or altogether stopping unsustainable and polluting practices.

Jens Flinker

Ph.d. Scholar within Climate Literature at Copenhagen University

Jens Flinker is a PhD scholar at the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen.

His research is about ecofictions and ecocriticism in Scandinavia. More specifically, his work is about the role of the humanities in general and literature in particular and why these are important in relation to how we understand and deal with climate change.

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